Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RM updates: Automation and upgrade of Mantis @ Openbravo

We are almost close to achieve milestone 2 of Continuous Integration. The team is working really hard on finding a solution for existing challenges as well as proposing ways to automate current repetitive tasks.

Last sprint we have completed one of the most challenging tasks "automated code migration from pi - main". Now we have obx generated from main branch if all the tests are successful. Plans to generate an obx on every commit are heavily debated within the team.

Now we have tecnicia14 resurrected. This will help our developers as well as our QA team to see the code changes in the live environment (live and liveqa).

Apart from the CI infrastructure, we have also upgraded the Issue Tracker version to 1.1.8 which is the latest stable mantis version available. We are also in the process of ensuring we have a hard backup of all the important instances running in Amazon ec2.

For a complete list of the on-going stories that we are working on, please check the Sprint 28 page of our Scrum spreadsheet